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INFUSEmedia 100
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To say that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement.

But if there is anything the last two years have taught us, it’s that we can find strength, positivity, and growth if we work together.

In support of our industry through the depths of the pandemic, INFUSEmedia already delivered over 25,000 leads and resources to small and medium-sized businesses around the world: completely free of charge. It was our contribution to help companies reopen, recover, and avoid shutting down.

Our Business Reopening Toolkit program won the Stevie, Best in Biz, VEGA, Tech Cares, and AVA Digital Awards, among others. Though humble, we are proud of our accomplishments and extraordinarily thankful for these recognitions.

Tech Cares 2000
2021 AWA Digital Awards
American Business Awards
2021 Centauri Winner
Best In Biz Awards 2021

However, the pandemic snapped the lifeline for so many others. As we look to the remainder of 2021, we realize that jobs have not returned, and businesses need a bit of extra support now more than ever.

And so, once again, we are leading the way in our industry by helping to generate revenue-winning opportunities for those companies that need them most.

Following the success and demand for our 2020 Business Reopening Toolkit, we are proud to announce INFUSEmedia 100, aimed at continuing support for businesses in critical need of recovery.

Completely free of charge or obligation, we are offering:

100 free tofu leads

With a network of 138+ million B2B decision makers from 15+ million companies, and employing an industry first, multi-channel engine built on AI and amplified by triple intent signaling, INFUSEmedia is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional engagement in your niche.

Our Nurturing Kit

Includes everything you need to foster new relationships:

  • Lead nurturing guide;
  • Marketing or SDR email template pack;
  • Customized banner advertising set, designed and written by our demand generation professionals.

Our mission is to help keep businesses open and contribute to a growing economy

Small and medium-sized businesses are crucial, both to our communities and on a global scale. Each company contributes to its local economy, creating a virtuous cycle of jobs, revenue, and growth.

Our mission is to help businesses triumph, generate jobs, and strengthen economic advancement and opportunities around the world.

And our expert staff in the Americas, EMEA and APAC are available to help you for free! So why wait to get started with 100 verified leads and continued support in your marketing campaigns. Simply complete the form at the top of this page, and one of our demand experts
will get back to you promptly.

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